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Droneing on and on

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Soooooooo...guess who got a new toy recently.

Going by the pictures here, either a new toy or i've grown pretty tall since hitting 40!

Yes, I decided to treat myself to a drone and bought a Mavic Mini. Basically it's the entry level drone from the DJI stable, but still packs a punch functionality wise.

At 249g it's about as light as a smartphone, which actually is pretty important. It means it (currently) is exempt from certain regulations in the U.K and not required to be registered with the authorities.

However, it is far from a toy drone. With a 30min. flight time, 12mp camera, and capable of 2.7k video, it is more than capable of producing outstanding results.

I've long fancied a drone. I love seeing some of other peoples pictures from a different perspective. The Mini certainly lets me see my world from a different point of view, although it can be deceiving. Have a watch of the video below, one of the 1st i took with it. This is up my normal running trails....i promise it is hilly, about 1000ft, but it doesn't really look like it!

The only think it lacks is "active tracking" which is functionality to automatically follow a moving subject, such as me running. Slowly. Very slowly at the moment😆. You can half make it happen with the Mini, but it's not great. I had to balance that with the cost and portability, and the Mini won hands down!

So, in summary it's a brilliant piece of kit. If you are considering one then i'd wholeheartedly recommend it. I'd also recommend you get the fly more bundle, to make sure you have spare batteries and props. Ive already broken 2 props!!

Stay tuned for more images from a bird's eye view!


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