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5 Places to see around Loch Lomond

April sees the beginning of the easing of restrictions across much of Scotland, meaning we will soon be able to visit friends and family, shop with a bit more normality and get to travel a bit more further afield than before.

One place which is sure to see a rise in visitors will be Loch Lomond (please stay within all current guidance though!). Conveniently situated 40 minutes from Glasgow, in less than an hour you can be on the bonnie banks, breathing in the beautiful fresh air and admiring the stunning scenery.

Having been lucky enough to call Loch Lomond home for the past 10 years or so, I thought I would share my favourite spots to visit. Some are obvious, some a little less known. Read on to find out more.....


1) Milarrochy Bay

Lying on the East side of Loch Lomond, beyond the village of Balmaha lies Milarrochy Bay.

This must be one the most photographed scenes in the area, or at least the tree which precariously sits there must be! Long been a favourite of photographers, there is a nearby campsite, the West Highland Way close by, and some stunning views when the conditions are right.


2) "The Dumplin"

Standing tall(ish) in the village of Gartocharn, Duncryne Hill is a rather modest 290ft. climb North East of Balloch. What it lacks in height though, it makes up for some magnificent views up the middle of Loch Lomond and the hills beyond.

At a generous 30 minute walk, it's surely worth a visit?


3) Falls of Falloch

The Falls of Falloch is a magnificent spot just off the A82, but keep your eyes peeled as it is really easy to miss.

With limited parking and modest signage you would expect it to be a well kept secret, but on a nice day it is far for quiet!

When in spate, you will hear the thundering of the 10 meter fall before you see it, but it is an impressive sight when you get to the end of the viewing platform.


4) Firkin Point

Near Luss on the west side of Loch Lomond, Firkin Point is an ideal stop off for longer journeys up North. Well equipped with toilets, picnic benches and of course, views, it is a popular site for tourists and locals alike.

At risk of giving away secret spots, Firkin Point is also an excellent location for stargazer's and astro photographers. Well away from light pollution, on a clear night it is excellent for taking in stars, constellations and if you are really lucky The Northern Lights themselves!


5) Stoneymollan

Stoneymollan is my go to for a local adventure!

With The John Muir Way and the Three Lochs Way snaking across Stoneymollan Moor towards Helensburgh and Cardross, an initial sharp incline rewards you with views across Loch Lomond to the North East and the River Clyde to the west.

Don't be put off by the initial tarmac road. You'll soon be on the old coffin road which in medieval times ran to St Mahew's Chapel near Cardross. If you venture up keep your eyes peeled.....legend has it the path is haunted. Even if you don't encounter anything supernatural, see if you can spot the old coffin stone halfway up. It is said that this was used to rest coffins on during the arduous journey from one town to another, as had the coffin touched the ground, the deceased spirit would return to haunt the living.


So there you have it, 5 of my top places to visit in around Loch Lomond. It is hard to limit to just 5 places though. With Ben Lomond, Conic Hill and many other places to enjoy there is certainly plenty for everyone.

What's your favourite, leave a comment and let me know.

And if you do decide to pay us a visit when you are able to, make sure you leave nothing but footprints :-)


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