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Project 365

New Year's Day and my brother in law had suggested he was going to do a 365 project this year. The idea is to take a picture every day and share, along with its story.

I thought this was a great idea (he doesn't often have them), so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do my own.

I am starting mine today and will endeavour to complete the next 365 days. I'm still working out the best way to share them, but will look to update my blog periodically.

I think this will be quite a challenge, but will let me devote around 1/100th of a second every day to my photography! I'll post the shot and the story at some point, but each shot will be on the day.

Let me know if any of you guys are doing anything similar.

Day 1, 2nd January 2017:


"Start as you mean to go on"

The Wife and I spent a great day at the Carrick today. The shot above is of the infinity pool, which is my favourite on offer at the Carrick! 1st time in ages it's been just the 2 of us, with 0 kids in sight!

Not often do we get the time to stop and watch the world go by just now, so it was a nice change! Something we need to do more of this year! 😊

Day 2, 3rd January 2017:

1/200 f25 ISO200 40mm Macro


The bold Andy came to visit today, laden with more presents for the girls! Part of it was an art set containing paint, crayons and the pencils above. What wasn't as appreciated was Andy pointing out the "lovely white walls which look like a blank canvas"

He never changes!!

Day 3, 4th January 2017:

ISO 200 34mm f7.1 1/160


Round at the Mother in Laws for her Birthday. Caught these 2 taking a selfie for Instagram.....3year old and 8 year old! Got to love it how they are so switched on with technology!

Day 4, 5th January 2017:



Another surprise for the weekend. Bought these tonight from a place in Hillington. Can't wait to set them off and see what they are like!

Day 5, 6th January 2017:

ISO 200 18mm f3.5 1/80


The view from home for the next few days. A surprise which we arranged for my Mother in Law's birthday. We were staying in a huge house on the banks of Loch Lomond, and the view from the kitchen / living room / dining room / bath (!) was quite stunning!

Right on my doorstep aswell!

Day 6, 7th January 2017:

ISO 200 23mm f5.0 1/125


The Bro in law and his wife. They love a much so they are moving to Spain at the beginning of next month.

Day 7, 8th January 2017:

ISO 1600 300mm f9.0 1/160


Ross kept saying "I've got you another wildlife photo set up" over the weekend. Sure enough, we had several visits from this wee guy!

Day 8, 9th January

ISO 1600 18mm f9.0 1/320


Whilst packing up to go home we were treated to this double rainbow across the loch. No pot of gold right enough, but spectacular none the less!

Day 9, 10th January:



Last day off of a long weekend and lexi was desperate to go to the Sealife centre. I have my suspicions that she only wanted to go to the cafe to have something to eat!

Day 10, 11th January



Look at wee Lucy Loo having a laugh on the Jumparoo! I swear one day she will jump through the roof one day!!!

Day 11, 12th January

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