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Lights, Camera, Kids!

My life is over. I'll never get out again. I've got no chance.

Double Cuddles

At least, in the run up to the 1st July this year, that's what people would have had me believe. For those of you that don't know, on the exact start of the 2nd half of the year, we were delighted to welcome our twin girls into the family....2 little sisters / dolls for Lexi, and a whole new world for us. A whole new world for us but, as I see it, not the end of the world!! Far from it. I have lots of thoughts about this, but here are my top 3 over the past few months (with some tenious links to photography!!)

1. There are LOADS of twins out there. Like, seriously loads. I am amazed at how many people stop us in the street - people we don't even know, to talk and look at the girls.

"Oh I'm a twin you know..." "awww, I have takes me back..." "My Daughter has twins too.."

I really didn't expect this, but funnily enough when I think about it, we do actually know quite a lot of twins so I suppose we should have realised that double cuddles are a lot more common than we thought

2. Life doesn't stop! No definitely not. I tell you what I mean. Photography is a big passion of mine. Ever since getting my 1st camera from my Wife (bet she regrets it ;-) ) I have immersed myself in learning about shooting technique, composition, processing and the rest.

Practice, Practice, Practice - that's what it has all been about. Rushing out to grab a sunset, going out to capture a meteor shower, or simply wandering about trying out some street photography, I often had my camera with me to try my hand. So has that changed? Well, yes. I don't want to be out at 1am in the morning shooting stars - I would much rather be at home with the girls. But I do still want to photograph. What a better opportunity do I have then, with 2 new and willing (?!) models. A whole new photography world has opened up in front of me, and has given me a new genre to practice in.

Instead of a sunset across Loch Lomond, my go to set up is now a portable studio in my dining room. Sweet!

3. The Support. I've talked about "We" and of course that includes my Wife. Where would I be without her....well 3 less children for a start! I do often think that not much changes for the guy. Really, it doesn't. Or at least, it doesn't in our house. Why is that? Well that's down to Lynsay. She is what keeps the show on the road. And me at the gym. And on the trails. And on the roads. And everything else!

"oh hen, you've got your hands full with those 3..." to which the standard response is often "with those 4 you mean!"

Not only is there 2 12 week old's and a 3 and a half year old to look after, there is a 36 year old to look after too! I come home from work every night and my dinner is on the table, and my lunch ready for the next day (except for Burrito Friday, a well earned treat!), the girls all bathed and the dishes done.

It's then ok for me to go for a run. Or do some work at night (some stuff going on just now that is really interesting which I could spend hours on!!.) Or to go to the gym - recently I have been training 6 times a week. I have never trained 6 times a week. Yet at what is potentially the busiest points in out lives I have managed to up the game. What's that all about?? Lynsay, that's what it's all about.

I do my bit, of course I do, but make no mistake, the successful upbringing of the girls, and the successful functioning of me, rightly or wrongly, is in the main down to Lynsay. I recognise that and love her for it. Maybe it's worth a hot tub at some point........:-)

I'll finish up by saying, that the last few months have been an amazing time. I have loved every minute of being a Dad of 3, and Husband of 1, and oh I nearly forgot an Uncle to 1, 1 month after our girls arrived. A busy time all round. But that's what is important to me, and if something is important to you, you make it happen, with the love and support around you.

My life is over? Nah, it's only just beginning!!!!

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