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So I stopped off to visit the Kelpies the other night. I’ve always wondered what all the fuss was over sculptor Andy Scott’s 30 metre structures. Big horses - aye, tourist attraction - surely not!

I have to say though I was pretty impressed. As the 2 Kelpie’s tower above you, you can’t help being impressed at the sheer size and detail of each.

Apparently they took around 4 months to complete. Pretty impressive when you think I started to build a toy box in the house over a year ago and have still to finish it. That says more about my engineering skills than anything else!

Situated on the banks of the Clyde Canal, it is only right that mythical water creatures were chosen to be the focal point of the regenerated Helix Park. Andy Scott goes on to say that the Kelpie (a horse like creature) was chosen to celebrate the horse’s role in Scottish industry and agriculture through the years.

So, big horses - aye, an impressive story and day out, you betcha!



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