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Northern Lights

Last night was another chance to see the Northern Lights or Auroa here in Loch Lomond - Our own Judith Ralston on the telly weather gave us the heads up, so I nipped out around 22:30 to have a look. I went to Duck Bay, and met a few other like minded souls who must have been watching the same weather forecast!

One thing I noticed about last night is how friendly everyone is - it was kind of funny, I just went up to do my own thing, but ended up chatting away to a few other guys, asking them questions and having a look at what they had captured. There was an American guy there too. The airline had broken his tripod so I helped him set up on the wall! We’re all in this together! I even got treated to an episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys!

Anyway, back to the spectacle. Not as much of a spectacle as last week, but still great to see none the less. Was such a clear night, which made for good conditions, but not quite as much Aurora activity as last time.

Mother Nature is quite something at times, and when she plays along there is nowhere better than home!



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